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Alphabet of Eve

For over four decades, I have explored the essence of being an Israeli Austrian  woman. Through photography, I tried to personify the lives of women as observed closely through various contacts with them in all levels socially and culturally.I have taken steps of putting myself in the shoes of the many women that I’ve known in my life time; I became the Bedouin wife, the Arab mother, the Religious woman, the immigrant female, the Moshav mother and the Kibbutz worker. I became Sarah, Hagar- women written about in the ancient text pertaining the land of Israel.

"Bonding", Tel- Aviv, 2007

Dorit Drori exhibits here a series of black and white photographs of herself she created between 1987 and 2000. Like in a journey through the time of existence, bound to the circle of life in terms of being born, giving birth, and going back to Mother Earth, the series resumes a searching for an archetypal identity which maintains a tense and yet harmonic dialogue with Nature, with her inner self, and with the human surrounding.

Ecological Art- Spiral Installation near Arad

Spiral Installation and Performance, made of rocks around the well that is hundreds of years old , "Zman Midbar", near Arad, (2005)

Ecological art: Edge of the earth

Installation and Performance at Earth Day, Cinematheque square, Tel Aviv,2007 On Earth day Celebration Day ,Dorit Drori created, together with the public, a large spiral (12 meters), made from trees and seedlings. The spiral was created by placing 360 tree trunks, remnants of the forest fires that had burnt and destroyed the trees caused by the Lebanese War, and 360 new seedlings saplings (donated by the KK”L-JNF Forests) . The seedlings were placed between the burned tree trunks. Black and green symbolize the colors of fire and rejuvenation (renewal), the eternal form, the circle of life.In the center of the spiral were ceramic jugs, each jug containing an element: Fountain Water, burning fire, Air Fog Vane, and Fruit from the Earth- Bread Crumbs for the doves which both Arab and Jews fed to the doves.In the very center, the bindu of the spiral mandala stood Mia, Dorit’s mother, as she painted the tree trunks. (event production: Shai Zakai and the Association of the Israeli Forum for Ecological Art).

(dorit from- 1.01)


A land/art video by Dorit DroriArcheology of the imaginationPhotography locations made in Levka Ori environment on the island of Crete, 2008,and near Jericho, Israeland at "zmanmidbar", near the Dead Sea, Israel


Exhibited at Arto Nivo Gallery, Bruges, Belgium, 2010

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