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I want to thank and congratulate you on a series of "hand Path" cards you published after more than a decade of photographs made ​​by you.

The use of cards invites the viewer experience a variety of emotions, both conscious and repressed.

Feelings of happiness, joy, connection, love, along with difficult feelings and distressing and more.

They allow making contact with self, with other and with others, and open the door to learning, familiarization, and development through creative use of them. The photographs themselves are exciting, authentic and reflect situations, places, and cultures. Therefore, they are also suitable for use in a variety of applications.

Good luck and best regards,

Dr. Tsaphie Zohar Stendhal

University of Haifa , School of Creative Arts Therapies



I often use Hand Path Cards during my Trainings. I like to start the morning by asking my students to choose a card that "speaks to them" to describe how they feel this moment. I am always surprised just how unique and connected the answers are. It is a great opportunity for participants to share in a safe environment and the cards awaken lots of imagination. There is no right or wrong answer, but rather a glimpse into many layers of imagination.

Since I have began to use them in my trainings, I have noticed that this activity has helped to create openness and closer connections among the participants.

Esther Marom

Certified International Trainer IAIM



Dorit Shalom

I wanted to congratulate for issuing Hand Path Cards for therapy..I have been a long time caring for children and adults and uses the types of therapy cards. After using the Hand Path Cards, I noticed that people immediately bring a smile to their faces and attach to the touch..The use of the Hand Path Cards individually and with working groups yielding insights cards in the observer that he never imagined a card drawn shows.

Thank you for the opportunity

                                          Dr. Yael Sne - ICF Israel President

                                          Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & ManagementBen

                                          Gurion University of the Negev



Micha Bar-am

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