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“Hand Path” Cards


The “Hand Path Cards” are a powerful tool in developing insight, inner guidance and inspiration and broadening points of view of our perceived surroundings.


“Hand Path Cards” guide us on a new journey, awakening the subconscious and enabling observations of meaningful experiences. The cards offer a wide range of situations in the life-cycle from birth to maturity to death to rebirth.


The cards are a useful tool for Therapists, Teachers, Counselors, Speakers, Workshop leaders, Trainers, Life Coachers and anyone who wishes to awaken their awareness.


The cards may be used during therapy sessions, trainings, seminars, workshops, on family occasions, for business or social activities.


The kit includes a variety of suggestions and guidelines on how to use the cards.


The Hands appearing on the cards were photographed and developed by me as a Photographer Artist and Art Therapist.


The cards were chosen from a collection of photographs taken over a period of more than 10 years in various cultures and locations across the globe.

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